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Heather Bryant: My Trans Parent

Heather Bryant: My Trans Parent

A User Guide for When Your Parent Transitions. UK 2020, 272 pp., brochure,  27.99
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Jessica Kingsley
Maybe you just found out your mom, or your dad, is transgender, or maybe you´ve known for a while. But now what? This guide covers everything you need to know. With chapters on navigating the changes in your family, coming out, or not, the many ways to transition both inside and out, and much, much more, you´ll see how other people have handled these experiences. From definitions to names and pronouns, you´ll find all you need to support yourself and your family through the transition and beyond. With real-life stories from people whose parents have also transitioned, and tips and advice throughout, this essential book will be your companion every step of the way and shows that there are others just like you.
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