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Peter Berlin: Peter Berlin: Icon, Artist, Photosexual

Peter Berlin: Peter Berlin: Icon, Artist, Photosexual

USA 2019, 208 pp., colour, hardback, € 59.95
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Featuring the work of Berlin along with images by Tom of Finland, Robert Mapplethorpe, and Andy Warhol, »Peter Berlin: Icon« pays tribute to the man who in the early to mid-1970s revolutionized the landscape of gay male eroticism and became an international sensation. His self-portrait photography graced the covers of gay magazines, and defined a look that re-imagined a new masculinity among gay men and an emerging gay male culture. Peter Berlin was a self-created icon of the 1970s. Tailoring his own tight fetish clothes to accentuate an already naturally defined physique, every part of his anatomy became showcased. Cruising was his career, and with a background in photography, Peter embarked on recording thousands of self-portraits.
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