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Karen Frost: Daughter of Fire: The Darkness Rising

Karen Frost: Daughter of Fire: The Darkness Rising

D 2019, 191 pp., brochure, € 17.95
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Ylva Verlag - Destiny and Darkness 2
The kingdom is under threat. A secret, desperate plot to change the course of history has been hatched in dark rooms. Aeryn, a young student war mage from an isolated land of ice, has the powerful gift of fire. To save her world, she must draw around her a small group of fellow mages and allies at Windhall University. At her side is the beautiful healer in training, Lyse, who holds her heart. In front of her is nothing but questions, fears, and impossible decisions. Conspirators are everywhere, shifting shadows that she can barely see. The longer it takes for Aeryn to find the answers, the more people will die. Her choices might cost her everything. Does she have the strength to do what needs to be done? Can Aeryn protect a kingdom she may not even want to save? - This thrilling sequel to »Daughter of Fire: Conspiracy of the Dark« offers a fast-paced, captivating conclusion to the »Destiny and Darkness« series, a fantasy novel for young and old.
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