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Renate Stendhal: True Secrets of Lesbian Desire

Renate Stendhal: True Secrets of Lesbian Desire

USA 2003, 119 pp., brochure, € 17.95
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In this book writer and psychotherapist Renate Stendhal debunks »lesbian bed death« - the myth that women in long-term relationships stop having sex. Stendhal argues that intimacy and passion can unite with long-lasting erotic power, but only to the degree that couples become comfortable telling the truth about their sexual and emotional desires and feelings. The author draws from her own therapy practice and uses four case-study lesbian couples to demonstrate how she counsels them to articulate their sexual desires, infantile fantasies, old fears, and present needs. Stendhal is considered the »lesbian Dr. Ruth« of gay cable TV. This edition of her book contains a new chapter addressing younger bisexual lesbians.
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