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Jenn Matthews: The Words Shimmer

Jenn Matthews: The Words Shimmer

D 2019, 258 pp., brochure,  17.40
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Anatomy lecturer Ruby Clark considers her life low-maintenance. She teaches at the local university, has two well-behaved teenage daughters, and what she doesn´t know about human anatomy isn’t worth knowing. She´s been asked to help out on a school garden project. Being a paramedic doesn´t do Melissa Jackson´s back or knees any favours, so she´s looking into university courses to try a less strenuous line of her work. But she is keeping her dyslexia a secret. A university open day throws the two women into each other´s orbits. When Mel, an expert green thumb, makes a few helpful suggestions on Ruby´s garden project, Ruby convinces her to team up to make it a success. Can they ever find common ground? - A sweet, lesbian romance about growing something unexpected and wonderful from the roots up.
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