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Dustin Lance Black: Mama´s Boy

Dustin Lance Black: Mama´s Boy

A Story From Our Americas. UK 2019, 416 pp., hardback,  19.99
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Hodder and Stoughton
From the screenwriter (»Milk«), political activist and husband of Olympic diver Tom Daley, a memoir about growing up as a gay Mormon in Texas that is, as well, a tribute to the mother who taught him about surviving against all odds. Black helped overturn California´s anti-gay marriage »Proposition 8«, but as an LGBTQ activist he has unlikely origins. Raised in a military, Mormon household outside San Antonio, Black always found inspiration in his plucky, determined mother. Having contracted polio as a small girl, she was repeatedly told that she could never have children or live a normal life. Defying expectations, she raised Black and his two brothers. While Black struggled to come to terms with his homosexuality - something antithetical to his mother´s religious views - she remained his guiding light.
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