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Jenn Matthews: Hooked on You

Jenn Matthews: Hooked on You

D 2019, 281 pp., E-Book (Format mobi),  6.99
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Anna’s life’s in a bit of a rut. As a teacher with two great kids and a boyfriend, she seems to have it all. Except she’s bored as hell. Perhaps a new hobby’s in order? Something - crafty? Divorced mother and veteran Ollie has been through the wars, emotionally and physically. To relax, she runs a quirky crochet class in her London craft shop. She can’t help but notice the attractive, feisty new student. A shame Anna’s straight as an arrow. But somewhere between the chain stitches, doubles and trebles, Ollie and Anna form a powerful connection they never expected. A quirky lesbian romance about love never being quite where you expect.
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