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Elijah C. Nealy: Trans Kids and Teens

Elijah C. Nealy: Trans Kids and Teens

Pride, Joy, and Families in Transition. USA 2019, 448 pp., brochure,  29.95
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W. W. Norton
Transgender life has made its way into mainstream consciousness. Whether it's political debate over bathroom use in North Carolina, accepting trans people in the military, or increased representation on TV, trans life has become front and center after years of marginalization. And kids are coming out as trans at younger and younger ages, which represents a major stride. But what written resources are available to parents, teachers, and mental health professionals who need to support these kids? The author - a therapist, deputy director of NYC's LGBT Community Center, and himself a trans man - covers all aspects of the family, school and mental health issues, as well as physical, social, and emotional transitions. Essential reading for anyone with a trans kid or teen in their life.