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Giorgio Bassani: The Novel of Ferrara

Giorgio Bassani: The Novel of Ferrara

Engl. by Jamie McKendrick. USA 2018, 800 pp., hardcover,  28.95
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W. W. Norton
Now published in English for the first time, »The Novel of Ferrara« brings together Bassani´s six classics: »Within the Walls«, »The Gold-Rimmed Spectacles«, »The Garden of the Finzi-Continis«, »Behind the Door«, »The Heron«, and »The Smell of Hay«. Set in Ferrara before, during, and after the Second World War, these interlocking stories present a fully rounded world of unforgettable characters: the respected doctor whose homosexuality is tolerated until he is humiliatingly exposed by an exploitative youth - a survivor of the Nazi death camps whose neighbors´ celebration of his return gradually turns to ostracism - a young man discovering the ugly, treacherous price that people will pay for a sense of belonging - the Jewish aristocrat whose social position has been erased.
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