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Astrid Ohletz / Lee Winter (eds.): Language of Love

Astrid Ohletz / Lee Winter (eds.): Language of Love

A Flirty, Festive Anthology. D 2018, 252 pp., brochure,  17.95
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From erotic fun and music-filled streets in Jamaica to delicious curries and carols in India, and toasty fireplaces in wales, this festive anthology takes readers on a senses-filled, globetrotting adventure. Eleven lesbian fiction authors - Andrea Bramhall, Cheyenne Blue, Sheryn Munir, Emma Weimann, Fiona Zedde amongst others - offer diverse tales of romance, thrills, and humor, set against the holiday season in South Africa, Australia, England, Wales, Scotland, Germany, India, Jamaica, and the US. Bring your secret girlfriend to Christmas lunch before a stern, chicken-breeding Australian matriarch. Run your eye over the accounts - and the sexy, butch trainer - at a horse ranch in Germany while the goose gets stuffed with macaroons. Or, skid into a cute doctor´s vehicle in the slush-filled lanes of Wales.
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