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Allen Ginsberg: Howl - A Graphic Novel

Allen Ginsberg: Howl - A Graphic Novel

Animated by Eric Drooker. USA 2010, 224 pp. illustrated color, brochure,  21.95
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Harper Collins
First published in 1956, Allen Ginsberg´s »Howl« is a prophetic masterpiece - an epic raging against dehumanizing society that overcame censorship trials and obscenity charges to become one of the most widely read poems of the 20th century. Allen Ginsburg´s legendary and groundbreaking epic poem, »Howl«, is now a graphic novel - a tie-in to the major motion picture starring James Franco. Featuring graphics by acclaimed New Yorker cover artist Eric Drooker, »Howl« is a magnificent visual interpretation of a classic work by a seminal Beat writer and contemporary of Jack Kerouac and William S. Burroughs.
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