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Allen Ginsberg: Howl - A Graphic Novel

Allen Ginsberg: Howl - A Graphic Novel

Animated by Eric Drooker. USA 2010, 224 pp. illustrated color, brochure, € 21.95
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Harper Collins
First published in 1956, Allen Ginsberg's »Howl« is a prophetic masterpiece - an epic raging against dehumanizing society that overcame censorship trials and obscenity charges to become one of the most widely read poems of the 20th century. Allen Ginsburg's legendary and groundbreaking epic poem, »Howl«, is now a graphic novel - a tie-in to the major motion picture starring James Franco. Featuring graphics by acclaimed New Yorker cover artist Eric Drooker, »Howl« is a magnificent visual interpretation of a classic work by a seminal Beat writer and contemporary of Jack Kerouac and William S. Burroughs.
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