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Colette Chiland: Transsexualism

Colette Chiland: Transsexualism

USA 2003, 193pp., brochure,  31.59
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What is a person's gender? How do we determine whether someone is a man or a woman? Who gets to decide the sex of an individual: the individual, parents, doctors, judges, politicians, any god? And how does medical transformation of one's body impact an individual's status psychologically, socially, culturally, and biologically? In this work - originally published in France in 1997 - French psychoanalyst Chiland grapples with these questions as she explores the many dimensions of gender and gender dysphoria. She combines the insights of psychology, psychoanalysis, history, anthropology, sociology and personal experience to rethink transsexualism within the frames of identity, subjectivity and the wider social-historical world.
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