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Stephen McCauley: My Ex-Life

Stephen McCauley: My Ex-Life

USA 2019, 324 pp., pb. ,  17.95
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David Hedges´s life is coming apart at the seams. His job helping San Francisco rich kids get into the colleges of their (parents´) choice is exasperating. His younger boyfriend has left him. The last person he expects to hear from is Julie Fiske. It´s been decades since they´ve spoken, and he´s relieved to hear she´s recovered from her brief, misguided first marriage. To him. She´d just like David´s help organizing college plans for her 17-year-old daughter Mandy. When David flies east, they find themselves living under the same roof. David and Julie pick up exactly where they left off ages ago - they´re still best friends who can finish each other´s sentences. But there’s one broken bit between them that no amount of home renovations will fix.
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