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Gengoroh Tagame: My Brother´s Husband Vol. 2

Gengoroh Tagame: My Brother´s Husband Vol. 2

USA 2018, 352 pp., b/w, hardcover,  26.99
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The concluding volume in the story of Yaichi, his daughter Kana, and how their meeting Mike Flanagan - Yaichi´s brother-in-law - changes their lives and perceptions of acceptance of homosexuality in their contemporary Japanese culture. As Mike continues his journey of discovery concerning Ryoji´s past, Yaichi gradually comes to understand that being gay is just another way of being human. And that, in many ways, remains a radical concept in Japan even today. In the meantime, the bond between Mike and young Kana grows ever stronger, and yet he is going to have to return to Canada soon - a fact that fills them both with impending heartbreak. But not before more than a few revelations come to light.
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