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Lara Lillibridge: Girlish

Lara Lillibridge: Girlish

Growing Up in a Lesbian Home. USA 2018, 296 pp., hardcover,  25.99
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Lara Lillibridge grew up with two moms - an experience that shaped and scarred her at the same time. Told from the perspective of »Girl«, Lillibridge´s memoir is the account of childhood in an unconventional household. Personally less concerned with her mother´s sexuality and more with how she fits into a world both disturbed and obsessed with it, Girl finds that, in other people´s eyes. In the early years, Girl´s feminist mother reluctantly allows her to play with her favorite Barbies while her stepmother refuses to comfort her when she wakes up from nightmares. Not wanting to be the poster child for either camp on the issue of same-sex parenting yet unable to escape the facts of her upbringing, Lillibridge tells her own story on what it means to be raised by lesbians.
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