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Georgette Kaplan: Face It

Georgette Kaplan: Face It

D 2018, 198 pp., brochure,  17.95
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In college, Elizabeth Smile shared a magical tryst with her roommate, Michelle Harlow. She had no idea the night would leave Elizabeth pining after her for the next ten years. Now Michelle is back with a strange offer: Will she pretend to be Michelle´s lesbian lover to beat Michelle´s cheating husband? Of course, it´s a terrible idea. And it would mean leaving the New York nightlife behind and spending Christmas with Michelle´s family in Ohio - an overly accepting father, a pill-popping brother, and a suspicious sister who seems to have her own agenda with Elizabeth. Worst of all, it´ll mean facing up to some old feelings she´d rather not revisit. But, really, she can handle all that. How hard can it be? A twisty lesbian romance about getting more than we bargain for.
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