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JD Glass: Punk and Zen - Part 1: The Remix

JD Glass: Punk and Zen - Part 1: The Remix

D 2018, 269 pp., brochure,  18.95
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What happens when you remix and remake? When you're a DJ and a musician, you take what you have and you build on it. And that's exactly what Nina does. She's got nothing but her drive and her dreams, doesn't feel too much, doesn't trust anyone, and love - well, that's something for some day, some time, but not right now, not when she's got her band to work with and a future to build, not when she knows all she has to offer is her hope and her ideals. But sometimes, for some people, the right ones, that's exactly the right thing. Thing is, does Nina know it? Forget what you think you know - because this DJ's cut goes deep.
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