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Ellen Simpson: A Heist Story

Ellen Simpson: A Heist Story

D 2018, 317 pp., brochure,  17.99
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Ylva Verlag
Life gets weird for Marcey Daniels when art thief Charlie Mock dies and leaves her a curious and much sought-after book. Suddenly a determined Interpol agent, Wei Topeté, is sniffing around. Everything´s gone sideways for the agent since Mock´s death -a man she´s been chasing for half her career. Enter the mysterious, flirtatious, Kat Barber, a slow-moving accident who has been bargaining for her freedom with things that don´t belong to her. She expected she´d have the pick of the estate of her criminal mentor. Now Kat desperately needs the book and will do whatever it takes to pry it from Marcey´s hands. Everyone has their own agenda in this intricate suspense thriller. Surrounded by a diverse cast of queer and lesbian women, and with double-crosses piling up, will Marcey see the trap in time?
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