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Gabriela Herman: The Kids

Gabriela Herman: The Kids

The Children of LGBTQ Parents in the USA. USA 2017, 160 pp. with numerous color photographs, brochure,  22.95
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New Press
Judges, academics, and activists keep wondering how children are impacted by having gay parents. Maybe it´s time to ask the kids. Photographer Gabriela Herman, whose mother came out when Herman was in high school and was married in one of Massachusetts´ first legal same-sex unions, has been photographing and interviewing children and young adults with one or more parent who identify as lesbian, gay, trans, or queer. Some of the children Herman photographed were adopted, some conceived by artificial insemination. Many are children of divorce. Some were raised in urban areas, other in the rural Midwest and all over the map. These parents and children juggled silence and solitude with a need to defend their families on the playground, at church, and at holiday gatherings.
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