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Michel Samuels (R): Man in an Orange Shirt

Michel Samuels (R): Man in an Orange Shirt

UK 2017, engl. OF, 120 min., € 19.99
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Two-part miniseries written by British author Patrick Gale and starring Vanessa Redgrave and Julian Morris. In southern Italy, 1944, British Army Captain Michael Berryman and artist Thomas March meet as war rages around them. While Michael's young fiancée eagerly awaits his return from war, Michael finds himself enamoured with Thomas and his bohemian charm despite the social pressures of his time. Many years later Michael's betrothed Flora has grown old and now watches as her grandson Adam forms a romantic relationship with his client Steve. The social perception of homosexuality has eased considerably since Michael's time but modern society presents its own issues for Adam and Steve to overcome.
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