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Patrick Mauriès: Androgyne

Patrick Mauriès: Androgyne

Fashion and Gender. USA 2017, 192 pp. illustrated, hardcover, € 59.99
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Thames and Hudson
In January 2011, Jean Paul Gaultier's haute couture runway show ended with the image of a willowy blonde bride in a diaphanous gown. The bride was a man, and one of the first models to walk for both men's and women's collections. The event marked the start of a trend. »This ad is gender neutral«, proclaimed a 2016 poster for the fashion brand Diesel. A Louis Vuitton shoot featured Jaden Smith wearing a skirt. The art of Edward Burne-Jones, and the writings of Oscar Wilde prove that the turn of the previous century was as compelled by androgyny as this one. From the late 19th to the early 21st century, the genders have blended: from Berlin in the 1920s to Hollywood of the 1930s with Garbo and Dietrich, from the 1940s Bright Young Things to the androgynous pop stars of the 1970s, and beyond.
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