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Melissa M. Wilcox: Coming Out in Christianity

Melissa M. Wilcox: Coming Out in Christianity

USA 2003, 221 pp., brochure, € 49.95
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For many Christians, homosexuality is an issue that is often presented as a matter of »us (straight) Christians« versus »them«, or worse, as the question of an isolated behavior, somehow not an intrinsic part of the identities of gays and lesbians. Discussion of the issue has become so heated that it threatens to create a yawning chasm within several mainline denominations. This book examines this conflict from the perspective of a group of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered Christians. It focuses on current and former members of two Metropolitan Community Churches in California that serve predominantly LGBT Christians. This book explores the life histories of these individuals and their current beliefs, cultural backgrounds, and community influences to determine what helped each forge an identity as both gay and Christian.
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