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Dena Blake: Where the Light Glows

Dena Blake: Where the Light Glows

USA 2017, 303 pp., brochure,  18.95
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Bold Strokes
Izzy Calabrese wants to make her restaurant a success. She has a passion for cooking and life in general. Romance is the furthest thing from her mind when she finds Mel Thomas crying after being abandoned by her husband … again. She tries to distance herself from Mel, but she keeps showing up. Clients know Mel Thomas as the CEO of her own consulting firm. She´s smart, engaging, and successful. Anyone who knows her would never think she´s insecure, but she´s more fragile than anyone knows. Her marriage on shaky ground, she doesn´t know how, or if, it can be salvaged. All she´s ever wanted in a relationship is someone´s attention. She thinks she may have found the person who can give that to her. Never in her wildest dreams did she expect it to be Izzy.
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