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Erin McKenzie: Where Love Leads

Erin McKenzie: Where Love Leads

USA 2017, 259 pp., brochure,  18.95
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Bold Strokes
Sarah O´Shaughnessy, a high school counselor, is very good at taking care of others. What she hasn´t mastered is how to take better care of herself. Four years after the death of her wife, Sarah´s life has settled into a safe, solitary rut. That is, until the arrival of a new student and her mom. Lauren Emerson and her teen daughter, Kat, move back to Lauren´s hometown, fleeing her unsupportive husband and Kat´s traumatic bullying experience. Lauren is determined to create a better life for them both. She soon discovers that the compassionate Ms. O´Shaughnessy is someone in whom she can confide. The newly forged friendship between Sarah and Lauren provides support and encouragement, yet neither is prepared for the undeniable attraction that ignites between them.
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