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Joe R. Lansdale: Blood and Lemonade

Joe R. Lansdale: Blood and Lemonade

Hap and Leonard. (XIII) USA 2017, 240 pp., brochure,  16.95
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Hap Collins is a complicated man. He looks like a good ol' boy, but his politics don't match. After way too many jobs, Hap has discovered what he's best at: kicking ass. Vietnam veteran Leonard Pine is even more complicated: black, Republican, gay - and an occasional arsonist. As childhood friends and business associates, Hap and Leonard have a gift for the worst kind of trouble: East Texan trouble. Joe R. Lansdale's popular Texan crime-fighting duo are immortalized in this collection of new Hap and Leonard short stories and tall tales. It brings together the origins of this unlikely team, showing once and for all how two angry young men became one heck of a bad-ass team.
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