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Winston Gieseke: Bang Like a Porn Star

Winston Gieseke: Bang Like a Porn Star

Sex Tips From the Pros. D 2019, 176 pp. illustrated, brochure, € 16.99
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Bruno Gmünder - Blaue Reihe
»Bang Like a Porn Star« is a comprehensive how-to on everything from hooking up to getting down and dirty. Featuring tips from some of today's hottest gay adult talents like Rocco Steele, JJ Knight, Tayte Hanson, Ryan Rose, and others, this is the book every gay man will want to read in order to learn what to do - and what not to do - in the bedroom. When you want to improve your skills in the bedroom who do you turn to? Naturally, people who »do it« for a living. When providing oral pleasure, going for gold, navigating oversized equipment, creating your own home sex video, and keeping it safe - this lavishly illustrated volume is the guide book you've been waiting for.
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