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Harlyn Aizley: Buying Dad

Harlyn Aizley: Buying Dad

USA 2003, 317 pp., brochure,  15.65
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What do two nice Jewish girls do when they want to start a family? They can marry two nice Jewish boys, or if they happen to be lesbians, they can buy sperm online from California. »Buying Dad« is a hilarious, edgy, first-person chronicle of a woman engaged in a very alternative family-planning experience. Harlyn Aizley peels back the layers of self-indulgence accumulated in her 30-odd years as a self-proclaimed gay, childless, albeit happy neurotic and takes readers on one of the most personal, intimate, and amazing journeys any woman, gay or straight, can take - that of becoming a mother. Aizley's tale begins with her search for sperm - knwon or unknown donor? Delivered on dry ice or in a nitrogen tank? Her story unfolds within the context of her relationship with her partner, Faith, her mother's cancer diagnosis, and the threat of her own infertility. Aizley's wry voice and candid prose embrace this confluence of major life events with the humor and wisdom that make the book a must-read for any woman who has ever considered ending a lifetime of sleep-filled nights by beginning a lifetime of motherhood.
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