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Michael Schiefelbein: Vampire Thrall

Michael Schiefelbein: Vampire Thrall

USA 2003, 306 pp., brochure,  13.95
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Roman officer Victor Decimus - the vampire who loved Christ - is back. And he's bold and sexier than ever. Reckless hazel-eyed artist Paul Lewis has recurring visions of a sensual vampire. Hired by a group of monks to illustrate a manuscript of the gospels, Paul travels to San Benedetto monastery in Rome, where he falls in love with the arrogant Brother Victor. Sensing an unknown danger in this handsome artist, Victor resists the attraction - until Paul catches him in the act of murder. Unwilling to destroy his young lover, Victor transforms him into his thrall, a tormented being - part human, part vampire - who is completely dependent upon his creator. Paul can choose to become a vampire, but not without a price: the loss of his beloved Victor to the Dark Kingdom and his own damnation to 200 years as a solitary nocturnal predator. Complicating his choice, the strange force that caused Paul's visions aims to turn him against Victor. Will Victor defeat his powerful opponent before it's too late?
Schwul > Fantasy
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