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George Hinton: Desperate Hearts

George Hinton: Desperate Hearts

USA 2003, 355 pp., brochure,  14.99
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Hinton returns to the colorful setting of his last novel, »Cathedral City« (2001), a California town now overrun by desert. This installment centers on a remaining flat-roofed stucco building, once a gambling casino-jazz joint-gay bar and now a Mexican restaurant owned by Maria, the illegal once sheltered by bar owners Kenny and Nick, then adopted by Ruthie, the bar's chanteuse. Maria is raising her daughter, Conchita (fathered by Kenny), with help from disfigured Soila, and is becoming the richest woman in town. Former hustler Pablo returns after five years' absence with his brand-new master's degree from Stanford to help Maria, despite warnings from Soila's mother, and mourners flock to Loretta Young's funeral at the local church as a border patrol chase results in the death of a van full of illegals. Sound like a soap? You bet, seasoned with chilis and enough twists and turns for a great summertime read. Hinton provides plenty of backstory early in the novel, so new readers can catch on.
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