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JD Glass: Red Light

JD Glass: Red Light

Revised and expanded edition. D 2015, 290 pp., brochure, € 15.95
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Ylva Verlag - Punk Series 1
Sometimes, heroes need a hero of their own. »Red« is the blood family that Victoria Scotts, »Tori« to her family and »Scotty« on the job, has, the mother and younger sister she supports emotionally and financially, the famous cousin that seems to have even her mother's favor, the family legend they're all held up against. »Light« is learning her true calling despite her mother's censure as Tori becomes an EMT in the New York City 911 system, discovering true friendships despite and within horrific circumstances, and falling in love - really, truly, passionately, in love, not just »for real,« but »forever«. »Blood« is shed when a good faith attempt to render aid, comfort, and compassion go horribly wrong, leaving Tori not only injured, but also questioning the validity of her relationships, the ties of flesh and those that transcend it, and her faith in the innate goodness of people. Love, friendship, and loyalty, are all tested and pour out like blood under the »Red Light«.
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