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John Rechy: The Life and Adventures of Lyle Clemens

John Rechy: The Life and Adventures of Lyle Clemens

USA 2004, 324 pp., brochure, € 14.95
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Modeled on the classic 18th-century picaresques like Fielding's »The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling« and Defoe's »Moll Flanders«, »The Life and Adventures of Lyle Clemens« is the modern-day bildungsroman of a prodigiously attractive young Texan named Lyle Clemens. Lyle is kind of a holy fool who, like Chance in »Being There«, illuminates the actions, motivations, and prejudices of others through his lack of cynicism. He is a simple babe, in the woods of Texas and Los Angeles. Lyle's mother, Sylvia, is a beautiful woman who was raised Pentecostal and rebelled against her mother through sexuality - but her dreams to become Miss America were dashed by her mother in a particularly traumatic way, and Lyle's father (Lyle I, a dashing cowboy), who consoled her in her time of need, left her when she became pregnant, leaving only money for an abortion Sylvia never got. Sylvia never talks about her own childhood or Lyle I, and takes refuge in alcohol. Despite his unusual circumstances, Lyle has a sunny disposition. Like his father, Lyle is given to wearing cowboy boots and other Western attire, and often has to explain to people that he's never actually ridden a horse. Things come to a head when Lyle reaches sexual maturity and falls in love with a girl in his school - a beautiful young Chicana named Maria. Unfortunately, Maria's father Armando was one of Sylvia's boyfriends and thinks he is Lyle's father. Alienated from Maria and fed up with his mother, Lyle decides it's time for him to strike out on his own, so he follows »Brother Bud and Sister Sis« to L.A. A black woman named Matilda of the Golden Voice, now alienated from Bud and Sis, encourages his musical gift but warns him obliquely not to trust Bud and Sis. Quickly Bud and Sis begin grooming Lyle as the newest Christian star sensation, dubbing him »The Lord's Cowboy«. One of Lyle's friends from Texas, a gay kid named Raul, shows up in L.A. Bud and Sis are none too thrilled that their charge is trusting his gay friends and Sister Matilda over them, and he breaks from them on-air during their televangelist show - which they play off as demonic possession. Lyle attempts to keep Raul from getting bilked by sketchy pornographers, and to otherwise protect him from the seedier elements preying on gay street kids in L.A. Maria shows up in town to announce that she still loves Lyle, sleep with him one last time, and then inform him she's marrying a business contact of her father's for money. Lyle feels betrayed and tells her he never wants to speak to her again.
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