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Christos Tsiolkas: Merciless Gods

Christos Tsiolkas: Merciless Gods

UK 2016, 336 pp., brochure,  17.95
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Faber and Faber
The Australian author with Greek roots wrote the gay novels »Loaded« and »Barracuda«. His novel »The Slap« has been made into a mini-series. In the short stories of »Merciless Gods«, the author takes you deep into worlds both strange and familiar, and introduces you to characters that will haunt you long after you have turned the final page. A mother watches a gay porn film starring her dead son. A son masturbates his ageing, addled father. A prisoner forces another inmate to eat his own faeces. A drugged-up racist truck driver vows to kill Aborigines, »each and every one of them. The women and children too«. A holidaying middle-aged lesbian couple confront Arab culture. A man shatters a dinner party, and lifelong friendships, by confessing to an atrocity in Kurdistan.
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