Löwenherz - die Buchhandlung in Wien. Fachbuchhandlung mit schwulem und lesbischem Sortiment.
: Dust


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Dust is a biannual magazine born in 2010 based between Berlin and London and distributed worldwide. The intent of the project is to explore the universe of youth, in the context of a present time marked by a continuous state of crisis. The publishers’ interest is to enlighten the genuine and non-codified aspects of youth and of the new emerging generation by directing their gaze far from institutionalized geography and trends, and above the current standardization that tends to conform the experience of youth in regulated forms. The publishers cross in their research conflicting territories, where structures collapse and the western codes of appearances dissolve into different kinds of choices, different kinds of dynamics. The publishers like to underline a silent geography, at the margin of mainstream paths, in order to rediscover a stronger attachment to life, somehow more vital, genuine and awake; something that is hard to find in the anesthetized youth presented by the disoriented circulating culture.
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