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Astrid Ohletz / R. G. Emanuelle (ed.): Unwrap These Presents

Astrid Ohletz / R. G. Emanuelle (ed.): Unwrap These Presents

D 2014, 443 pp., brochure,  15.99
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Ylva Verlag
Twenty-three authors of lesbian fiction contributed Xmas holiday stories that give you snow, presents, plenty of food, Holiday cheer and nicely wrapped curvy women under the tree. You will hear »A New Christmas Charol«, have »A Christmas Epiphany«, travel on a »Christmas Road Trip« and enjoy »A Christmas Champagne« - just to mention only a few of the stories collected by Ylva publisher Astrid Ohletz and prominent author R. G. Emanuelle. Ylva will donate all of its profits of this anthology to the Albert Kennedy Trust in the UK and the Ali Forney Center in New York City. Both organizations provide housing for homeless LGBT youth. So buy, read and contribute!
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