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David Leavitt: The Lost Language of Cranes

David Leavitt: The Lost Language of Cranes

UK/USA 2005, 308 pp., pb,  19.95
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David Leavitt's debut novel is a seminal work about family, sexual identity, home, and loss. It can be considered a gay classic. Set in the 1980s against the backdrop of a swiftly gentrifying Manhattan, »The Lost Language of Cranes« tells the story of 25-year-old Philip, who realizes he must come out to his parents after falling in love for the first time with a man. Philip's parents are facing their own crisis: pressure from developers and the loss of their longtime home. But the real threat to this family is Philip's father's own struggle with his latent homosexuality, realized only in his Sunday afternoon visits to gay porn theaters. Philip's admission to his parents and his father's hidden life provoke changes that forever alter the landscape of their worlds.
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