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Miguel Ferrari (R): My Straight Son (Blue and not so Pink)

Miguel Ferrari (R): My Straight Son (Blue and not so Pink)

Venezuela 2012, span. OF, engl. UT, 113 Min.,  19.99
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Diego, a successful young gay photographer living in Venecuela, has his world turned upside down when his partner slips into a coma following a homophobic attack. On top of this, he has been contacted by his ex in Spain who tells him he must care for their son Armando while she is out of the country. When Armando arrives, he soon comes to know the reasons for his parents splitting up and is justifiably shocked and confused by his father's sexuality. Can Armando grow to love and accept his father for who he is? The touching film about queer families and homophobia has been the first one dealing with gay issues in Venecuela.
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