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Xavier Dolan (R): Tom at the Farm

Xavier Dolan (R): Tom at the Farm

F 2013, frz.OF, engl.UT, 103 min., € 21.99
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The new film by director Xavier Dolan is a gay-themed psychological thriller. The film follows manager Tom as he travels to the country from his home in Montreal to attend the funeral of Guillaume, his recently deceased boyfriend. When he arrives at the family home, he soon realises that their relationship has been kept a secret from his lover's family. However, Francis, Guillaume's brother, knows the truth, and will do anything to keep his late brother's sexuality a secret from their mother. Although she had inklings about her son's sexuality she won't admit it even now that he's dead. Between Tom and Francis there's a growing tension - culminating into threats and aggression. But there's also an attraction between the two that's even more dangerous.
Dieser Film ist auch als deutsche DVD unter dem Titel »Sag nicht, wer du bist« erhältlich.
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