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Winston Gieseke (ed.): Out of Uniform

Winston Gieseke (ed.): Out of Uniform

Gay Erotic Stories. D 2014, 204 pp., brochure, € 15.95
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Bruno Gmünder - Gay Erotic Stories
Why do we go weak in the knees for a man in uniform? He could be a police officer, a military man, a fire fighter, or one of those guys in sexy brown pants who delivers nice packages (both in a box and in his pants) to your door - something about the uniform makes us stop and stare. A uniform transforms an everyday guy into a modern-day Superman, one who stands straighter, prouder, more erect. And one we can't wait to get naked. Because the only thing sexier than a man in uniform is a man out of uniform. Whatever your pleasure, Winston Gieseke is pleased to present this new collection of steamy tales featuring strapping studs decked out in one specialty outfit or another. Some of these gay erotic stories are romantic in nature - a quest for beer leads to a fling with a soldier on leave which then helps bring an unlikely couple together. While others deal with the uniform as an obsession.
Schwul > Erotica
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