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Peter de Rome (R): The Erotic Films of Peter de Rome

Peter de Rome (R): The Erotic Films of Peter de Rome

USA 1973, engl.OF, 98 min., € 45.95
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Amateur filmmaker Peter de Rome first started shooting 8mm films in 1965 producing a set of painstakingly crafted, atmospheric sexual scenarios for the amusement of himself and his friends. Pioneering producer Jack Deveau saw one of these at a festival and convinced him to collect eight of the shorts, blow them up to 16mm, and release them commercially as »The Erotic Films of Peter de Rome«. The eight short films in the cycle take the viewer on a charged sexual expedition which exists at the intersection of artistry and eroticism. Here, de Rome explores the full experience of intimacy - the longing, the pursuit, the passion, the afterglow, and in some cases, the aftermath. From humorous to sardonic, de Rome truly pushes the boundaries of filmmaking as his characters find themselves in surreal scenarios ranging from a wondrous garden to an underground subway. »The Erotic Films of Peter de Rome« showcase some of the most highly regarded gay art films ever made - in the tradition of Andy Warhol and Kenneth Anger. Now released on DVD for the first time, these films are accompanied by a new BFI documentary.
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