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Peter Ackroyd: Three Brothers

Peter Ackroyd: Three Brothers

UK 2014, 246 pp., pb.,  13.95
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The novel follows Harry, Daniel, and Sam Hanway from grim postwar Camden to 1970s Soho. In adulthood the boys grow apart yet each life intersects with the same Londoners, the boorish newspaper baron Sir Martin Flaxman, a slumlord Asher Ruppta, and a gay hustler/pickpocket called Sparkler. From the bustling cut-throat world of Fleet street, hallowed London publishing offices, and the wealth and comfort of Chelsea, to the smoky shadowy streets of Limehouse and Hackney, this is a trip around the city, down its streets, riding on the tubes, at a very particular moment of history, and unusually for Ackroyd's fiction, all within living memory. London is the backdrop and the connecting fabric of these three lives, reinforcing Ackroyd's grand theme that history and the city both makes and creates us, surrounds and engulfs us. A very gay social history of the British capital, an alternative autobiography, a ghost story and a murder mystery all in one slim volume.
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