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Winston Gieseke (ed.): Until the Sun Rises

Winston Gieseke (ed.): Until the Sun Rises

Gay Vampire Erotica. D 2014, 203 pp., brochure, € 15.95
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Bruno Gmünder - Gay Vampire Erotica
What is so alluring about the undead? Vampires are sexy, virile, and forever young - frozen in time at their sexual peak. They have a flair for seduction, an eagerness to penetrate with more than their eyes, and an insatiable need to suck things (and men, of course). Their libidoes and youth are rejuvenated by your blood - and to get it, they will use their charm and massive strength to overpower you. What could be a bigger turn-on? Featuring explicit tales from some of gay erotica's most prolific and acclaimed authors, »Until the Sun Rises« overflows with kinky scenarios of thirsty vampires who are eager for much more than a taste of your blood. Often labeled incubi, these sex-driven night stalkers with considerable mileage know how to bring out the best in us.
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