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Mark Rappaport (R): The Silver Screen - Color Me Lavender

Mark Rappaport (R): The Silver Screen - Color Me Lavender

USA 1997, OF, 100 min.,  14.99
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Documentary that uses archive footage of classic films to examine potential gay undercurrents in Hollywood's golden age. Mark Rappaport, director of »Rock Hudson's Home Movies«, which deconstructed the on-screen performances of actor Rock Hudson in search of moments of homosexual expression, widens his scope in this release to look at the prevalence of gay and bisexual expression among Hollywood's leading men as a whole. Narrated by »Frasier« actor Dan Butler and focusing on such historical stars as Danny Kaye, Jerry Lewis, Cary Grant, Bobe Hope and Bing Crosby, this release offers a new perspective on the acting performances of these iconic figures.
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