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David Pratt: Looking After Joey

David Pratt: Looking After Joey

USA 2014, 334pp., brochure,  29.95
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A funny, fast-paced, touching tale of love, laughter, family of choice and fabulousness. Wouldn't it be great if a character from a porn movie stepped right out of your TV, into your life? Well, be careful what you wish for. Because that's how Calvin and Peachy end up looking after Joey. Then Peachy decides to make Joey the center of a social-climbing scheme that will take them all from Chelsea to Park Avenue to Fire Island and will entangle a rogues' gallery of eccentric Manhattanites, including portly, perspiring publicist Bunce van den Troell, theatrical investor Sir Desmond Norma, studly thespian Clive Tidwell-Smidgin, and evil lubricant king Fred Pflester, and his mysterious nephew, Jeffrey. Tender, wise, witty and utterly deranged, »Looking After Joey« will make you wish you, too, had a porn character sitting at your kitchen table, pointing at the toast and asking, »What's this called again?«
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