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Timothy J. Lambert and R.D. Cochrane (eds.): Foolish Hearts

Timothy J. Lambert and R.D. Cochrane (eds.): Foolish Hearts

USA 2014, 232 pp., brochure,  18.95
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In the age of online dating, one night hook-ups, and getting dumped via text, it seems like romance has left the building. Best-selling authors and die-hard romantics, Timothy Lambert and R.D. Cochrane are back with a follow-up to their critically acclaimed »Fool for Love«, one of Insight Out Bookclub's bestselling titles ever, with a collection of gay romance that incites love (and lust) in readers everywhere. Their stories will incite love – and lust – in every reader when a 30-something realizes the man sleeping beside him every night is his real Prince Charming, love, youth and age bup up against each other at a gay guesthouse, a hopeless romantic finds his heart’s desire amid the temptations of Hollywood.
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