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Ellen F. Dyke: Adam and Steve

Ellen F. Dyke: Adam and Steve

USA 2012, 375 pp., brochure, € 23.95
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Kate is apprehensive about meeting her son Joey for the first time in 13 years. She gave birth to him but relinquished custody to the boy's biological father, Michael Shaw. When she's invited to Michael's home where he lives with his husband, Stuart, she feels uncomfortable. But uncomfortable is nothing compared to her shock when she discovers naked pictures of Joey on Stuart's phone. Thinking her son is in danger from a from a pedophile stepfather, she and her husband, Larry, sue for custody of Joey. For Stuart, the possible loss of his stepson culminates a lifetime of victimization by homophobes, whether it be his mother, classmates, employer, or the judge who decides his family's fate. Michael and Stuart must discover who took the pictures in order to prove Stuart innocent of endangering his stepson and to regain custody.
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