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Molly Haskell: My Brother My Sister

Molly Haskell: My Brother My Sister

Story of a Transformation. USA 2013, 213 pp., hardbound, € 25.95
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Penguin USA
On a visit to New York, the brother of well-known film critic Molly Haskell drops a bombshell: Nearing age sixty and married, he has decided to come out as a transsexual and to undergo gender reassignment. Despite Haskell's liberal views on the changing roles of men and women - in film and in society - she is dumb-founded. »Why now?« As Haskell's brother begins his transformation through a series of psychological evaluations, grueling surgeries, drug regimens, and fashion lessons. Molly charts her own journey. Her road turns from shock, confusion, and embarrassment to one of acceptance, empathy, and love for her new sister, Ellen. Timely and thoughtful, Haskell's personal journeys widen the lens to the larger scientific and psychoanalytic views of transsexuals.
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