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David Plante: Becoming a Londoner

David Plante: Becoming a Londoner

UK 2014, 533 pp. with numerous colour + b/w illustrations, brochure, € 19.95
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»Nikos and I live together as lovers, as everyone knows, and we seem to be accepted because it’s known that we are lovers. In fact, we are, according to the law, criminals in our making love with each other, but it is as if the laws don’t apply. It is as if all the conventions of sex and clothes and ... Weiterlesen

David Plante: The Pure Lover

David Plante: The Pure Lover

A Memoir of Grief. USA 2009, 114 pp., hardbound, € 20.89
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David Plante first met Nikos Stangos in London in 1965. He was a young American - raw, an aspiring writer, in love with a fantasy of Greece half classical and half inspired by the eroticism of Cavafy. Nikos was Greek, a poet, an aesthete and intellectual, a leftist, a survivor of the Nazi occupation of his country: a man of ... Weiterlesen

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