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Eric Henry (R): Seek

Eric Henry (R): Seek

... and he shall be found. USA 2015, engl.OF, 77 min.,  21.99
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Eric Henry writes and directs this gay-themed drama. After impressing an editor at the Toronto Gazette, young magazine writer Evan Brisby is commissioned to write a freelance piece on the city's nightlife. But having just had his heart broken the aspiring journalist is not an expert on the city's club scene and nor does he want to be but, acknowledging the significance of the opportunity, he throws himself into the task to try and get the best story. With help from his colleague Aidan, Evan meets club owner Hunter who shares his vast experience of the local scene with the reporter. During the pair's time together, Hunter falls for his interviewer but his affection seems lost on Evan who is still haunted by his recently departed ex Jordan.
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