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Jim Grimsley: Boulevard

Jim Grimsley: Boulevard

UK 2002, 292 pp., brochure,  17.99
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An innocent teenager from smalltown Alabama, Newell comes to New Orleans with just a duffel-sack full of possessions and a handful of dollars in his pocket. It‘s 1978, and the city is a gay mecca - filled with bars, bright lights and men everywhere. Newell soon finds his good looks are an obstacle to success. His workmates either want his body, or are jealous of the tips he rakes in with his toned pecs and winning grin. So he is much happier after he finds a job in a porn shop. Newell‘s good nature, good looks and a lack of inhibitions make him a popular assistant there - as does the daring stunt he pulls in a local bar. And he is beginning to make friends: Miss Sophia, New Orleans‘ ugliest transsexual, takes a shine to him, and so does Jack, the sadistic yet irresistible son of a wealthy family. Yet there is danger lying in wait for Newell.
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