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Shane Allison (ed.): Straight Guys

Shane Allison (ed.): Straight Guys

Gay Erotic Fantasies. USA 2012, 214 pp., brochure, € 15.95
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Cleis - Gay Erotic Fantasies
What is it about »Straight Guys« turn us on? Shane Allison shares true and we-wish-they-were-true stories in this bold collection. From the husband on the down low to a muscle-bound footballer, from a special operations airman to a redneck daddy - these men will sweep you off your feet. A pretty boy show-off gets what he wants from his girlfriend's brother in Bob Vickery's »Family Affair«, and a veteran gets a full-service ride in »Taxicab Confession« by Gregory L. Norris. Who is cruising who is the question in Jeff Funk's action-packed »When Married Men Come in Cars«. »It's Always Best to Use Your Hands« is Nick Marenco's advice to getting closer to one's heterosexual neighbor. There is no shying away from new erotic territory in this exploration of one of the foremost gay fantasies: straight guys.
Schwul > Erotica
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